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yea llamas yeas but icon= llama x infinity yeas
Wed May 21, 2014, 3:47 PM
ha ha you icon <3 love that movie , also i just gave lama 4 lama
Sat Jan 12, 2013, 7:48 PM
Thank you! :la:
Sat Dec 22, 2012, 1:31 PM
You Icon is da best ^^
Tue Dec 18, 2012, 6:57 AM

Which of my wyngrew do you enjoy seeing posted the most, and/or who would like to see more of? 

15 deviants said Zephyr [… ]
15 deviants said Codename "Raven" [ Go away, this gro hasn't been posted yet ;) ]
10 deviants said Nyx [… ]
6 deviants said Mako [… ]
5 deviants said Noél [… ]
5 deviants said Cress [… ]
2 deviants said Dexter [… ]
1 deviant said Kida [… ]
1 deviant said Nikolai [… ]


All prices listed are rough estimates. Depending on detail and how difficult I anticipate the artwork being to complete the price may go up or down slightly. Things like headshots will naturally be cheaper than fullbodies. Listed prices are generally for fullbodies. Prices and other content on this journal are subject to change without notice. If you have already commissioned a piece, the price will not change while it is being fulfilled.

By default, payment will be via Paypal (prices are listed in USD), but points at a $1=100 points ratio. Additional characters will add approximately 50-80% of the base price. For example, if a character costs $10, an additional one can cost an additional $5-8, give or take depending on complexity, for a total of $15-18, respectively. I usually like to work with whole numbers when pricing. Only new clients and artworks commissioned after the change are subject to updated pricing.

Comment, send me a note, or email me at if you have any questions or would like a quote!


Estimated $100-$250

My recent specialty--as well as what I feel the most comfortable with--are relatively simple, cartoony characters, such as Wyngro.

I'll use wyngro as an example. Simple, easy wynglings I'm confident in sculpting can be $100-$150. Adults--especially ones with more complicated details and designs--could go up to $200-250 or more. Posing can also add onto the price. A simple standing or sitting pose will be less than a dynamic pose requiring a base for balance. Fur/hair, skinny/delicate pieces, feathers, and tiny details can likewise add onto the price, since they're more difficult and time-consuming, as well as more concerning to ship safely. Sculptures are the most varying, so please contact me for a quote! And of course--unless you just want pictures of the completed piece--I'll also need your address for shipping.

King of Red Lions Sculpture by ThePlagueRavenMakar Sculpt by ThePlagueRaven Moomba Sculpture by ThePlagueRaven

Wyngro Animated YCH

Estimated $40-70

Your wyngling drawn in an 11 frame run cycle! Base price of $40, plus additional charges for complexity/major changes of base.
Wyngling Run Cycle YCH [OPEN] by ThePlagueRaven

Examples of completed YCH:
Mako Run! by ThePlagueRaven Giacomo Run Cycle by ThePlagueRaven Zephyr Run! by ThePlagueRaven


Messy, and quick. Are allowed to be colored by the client (see rules/guidelines).

Jack pls by ThePlagueRavenWhat I See by ThePlagueRavenVeon and Am'Shegar by ThePlagueRaven Finnegan by ThePlagueRaven

Flat Color

Estimated $10-50
Simple, easy-to-draw characters, such as wyngro, ponies, some dragons, etc. Price range depends on difficulty, and if you desire additional things such as colored linework or shading.

A drawing or two of your character! Usually a transparent background, with no or minimal shading. Price depends on complexity.

Wyngro YCH - Taiyo by ThePlagueRavenDex Teeth by ThePlagueRavenNyx Color Mixer 2 by ThePlagueRavenA Tiny Niko by ThePlagueRavenWaterClass - Condense Water by ThePlagueRaven

New  Reference Sheets New 
A page for your character, especially wyngrew! Typically done in a way that complies with wyngro breeding ref sheet requirements with simple backgrounds. Typically, one fullbody to show off personality, then a front/back to show off markings. Other elements such as expressions, details, accessories, etc. available upon request.

Noel Reference Sheet - Updated May 2nd by ThePlagueRavenNjabulo Ref Commission by ThePlagueRavenNyx Reference - Updated May 21st by ThePlagueRavenRef Sheet Mockup by ThePlagueRaven


In order to make this go easy, I will need to know the following things:

Character(s) - Clear references ONLY. I will NOT draw without a good visual reference! Multiple images appreciated, but not always required.
Style - Such as sculpture, sketch, flat colors, faux watercolor, colored lineart, etc., as well as cartoony or semi-realistic, though I may shift from one to the other depending on how much detail is in the character you give me.
Pose - You could allow me artistic freedom, or you could request a specific pose. I'm not super good with crazy action poses, so this may be up for discussion. Facial expressions may also be requested.
Amount - As in headshot, down to waist, full body, artist choice, etc.
Screenname - What username(s) on which site(s) I should contact you through (on top of email, if you go that route) so that I can tag and link to your profile when the artwork is completed.

The process generally goes like this: You send me this form and any other information you think will help, I'll send you a quote, and if you would still like to commission, we figure out payment details (Paypal, points, etc.) and I'll send you an invoice where applicable. Once paid, I will begin the artwork.

Things I WILL draw:

- Humans
- Some anthro and quad (If I feel confident in drawing the anatomy)
- Dragons
- Ponies
- Any Pairings (hetero, homo, anything.)
- Gore/violence (I'm not the best at drawing blood and gore, just a heads up)

Things I WON'T draw:

- NSFW/nudity/fetish. Anything sexual in nature.
- Things with too many minute details. I love details, but I will let you know if it's too much for me to handle. I know my limits.
- I'm not good at drawing some kinds of animals. Though I WILL do anthros/quad, not all species are within my ability range, and I will let you know if I feel confident or not with what you give me.
- Very unlikely to get me to draw a background. I may spontaneously do one, but I'm not confident at them enough to charge money for them yet.

I retain the right to turn down any commission without explanation. I also retain the right to cancel a commission myself due to poor communication, rude/inappropriate behavior, etc. I will post a finished low-res, watermarked version on my sites (unless otherwise requested, a small fee may be involved), but client will receive the full-res unwatermarked version. If you want me to delay posting the artwork for time-sensitive reasons (like gift art), let me know. I retain all rights to the commissioned piece, but rights can be negotiated for a price.

Payment must be paid in full before I begin. Refunds can be issued depending on how far done I am. For example, if I haven't started, you get a full refund. If I've done a little bit, you can get about 80%; if I'm halfway done, about 50%; mostly done, 20%; etc. If I have already finished you don't get your money back. You also don't receive the product if you request a refund.

You are welcome to request progress shots at any time however! If possible, I will also try post here how far into the commission I am. In certain cases, I may stream the drawing for the best communication possible on the sketch.

I will not promise any specific timeline. Being an artist is not my primary job, and I have life to attend to outside of this. Naturally, simpler sketches can be done a lot faster than a shaded full-body or an animation, but I will finish as quickly as life permits me (usually within a week or two).

Changes to the image early on do not cost extra (to a certain degree), but if you want big changes in the later stages, especially after approving sketch/lineart, there will be a fee.

Clients may print out the piece, resize or crop it for icon/wallpaper use, or for other graphics as long as the piece itself is not altered, and credit is given where appropriate. Client is not permitted to use it in any commercial way. Client may not resell or redistribute the file, the image, or the rights to the image. The client is allowed to color a sketch or lineart and upload it to their own site, but credit must be given. Client may not enter the image into contests or in any other way that claims the image to be by them.


1. N/A
2. N/A


Sorry for not being around much the past few days, there was a lot of fun stuff over the weekend and I got spirited away longer than intended, whoops. I'll get to work on commissions and stuff I owe everyone ASAP OTL
Box pt3 by ThePlagueRaven



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SilverWolfEye Featured By Owner May 4, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there, did your Wyngro run away? 'cause I found him... xD
I found Noel...? by SilverWolfEye
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I suppose all I can say is take good care of him. Looks like he's happy living there with you! :XD:
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ThePlagueRaven Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww, thank you! I'm glad you like it! I've loved this icon so much, I've had it for probably half a decade by now and can't bring myself to change it. :XD:
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Thanks for the Llama! I so glad!

Watch to me - I draw more arts and you see my best art!
Arshehremen Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2017
I do not really like it when in the gallery anyone has drawn only characters. You have cool arts with nature and different scenes, draw this more often! =)

p.s. i like "don't starve" too =P
ThePlagueRaven Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm working on doing some more backgrounds! They're just awfully scary and hard sometimes, so I chicken out more often than not. Whoops. Trying to get better at that! :D

Don't Starve is awesome! Such a fun game!
BannaTech Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the :llama:
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